Gravity Forms Example #1: Local Food Impact Calculator

A solid, yet simple example of an online calculator built using Gravity Forms. Very effective and delivers good value to a niche audience.

Screenshot of the Local Food Impact Calculator Built in WordPress Using Gravity Forms

Who made it:

This Gravity Forms example was developed by Matt McFadden, founder and owner of Outreach MM.

The Form:

For this project, Matt takes on building an online calculator for the USDA-funded ‘Economic Impacts for Local and Regional¬† Food Systems’:

To visit the calculator, click here.

What it does:

It calculates a summarised figure that represents the overall estimated economic impact of a local food production initiative on the local commercial ecosystem.

(In other words, the amount of money the local food value chain could benefit from – per year – if a particular planned local food project were to launch successfully.)

The calculation is supported by data obtained from economists, supported by USDA.

Main features:

  • Multi-step form
  • Conditional logic
  • Calculation


I’ve used the form and it works well, is simple and delivers value effortlessly.

Its brevity makes it painless to finish.

And it delivers a tidy figure at the end, offering to email you the results. Job well done.

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